Management Consulting and Support Services

We subscribe to a just-in-time model that provides our clients with an unparalleled value.  We developed our unique approach after participating in a large number of management, A-76 studies and applying the principles of human resource analysis, administrative excellence, work measurement, time studies, process re-engineering and continuous improvement to our own operation.  We can provide depth and experience to the All-N-One team with an additional reach back capability for additional skill sets and personnel as needed.  The bottom-line:  All-N-One combines the innovation, agile responsiveness, and competitive cost benefits of an experienced large business.  We will lead the team to grow the relationship through close collaboration, giving high confidence in mission success.  Result:  a highly qualified core team, led by an experienced, Minority and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, resourced with proven personnel, dedicated to our customers mission success.

Support Services:  Provide customers with professional onsite Human Resource, Accounting, Administrative and Training support both short and long term.  We are also a trusted team member of prime contractors for support service task order execution.

Facilitation/Training: We are certified facilitators that have over 40 years of combined experience in group dynamics, team work, and meeting objectives of our clients. Our staff has facilitated groups and teams of 5 to 30 people through processes, learning environments, organizational changes, management reviews, planning, and analysis.

Organizational Analysis: Our consultants work to establish your current organization baseline structure, processes, supervision, communication, training, metrics and cost. The cost is driven by your organization operational dollars. For Government organizations the process is driven by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76 and other circulars. We are skilled in both environments and have worked to provide cost saving results for our clients that always exceed their goals.

Process Improvements: Our consultants are experts in the support and operations areas (administration, human resource, maintenance, supply, technology, etc.). We will identify improvement areas across functional lines using industrial engineering and processes re-engineering techniques and tools. In our approach continuous improvement is inherent in our methodology and business practices.

Work Studies: Our years of experience conducting internal work studies to help organizations better define their processes, levels of responsibilities, establish valid measurements of the work performed, identify and allocate cost according to the organization requirements, document outcome, provide final recommendations and establish and manage the implementation plans.

Strategic Planning: Our goal is to provide an ever-improving service to our customers, meet and exceed standards with measurable results, improve overall operational performance, and provide satisfaction to all our customers.