Medical Billing and Coding Services

We provide medical practices and small to medium size medical centers consulting, billing, coding, and collection services.   We are a licensed provider of electronic billing, coding services, HIPPA certified, and provide all collection services internally.  All-N-One provides a total solution to increasing revenue and profits through our “Total Business Solution” Package that incorporates our management consulting services to ensure your practice is operation on both an efficient and effectively platform to maximize revenue while implementing cost controls in the process.  Email or ask one of our representative about this program and how we can provide you a complete 8 – 10 hour business analysisfor as little as $500 and includes the following services:

1.  Business needs analysis (2 Hours).  This is a two hour interview with president, CEO, General manager, Managing Partner and Owners.  At least Three years of finance records from Accountants, CFO, COO, Practice Managers, Administrators, etc. to provide a complete analysis.  If financial records are not available, we can still complete the analysis based of the information that you have available but will be based on projections instead of your current data.

2.  Financial and data reports that include current financial position, break-even analysis, improvement recommendations, revenue earning potential of the business and implementation plan (4 to 6 Hours).  This detailed information is proprietary and must remain with our company.  A summary will be provided to you for your record.

3.  Company briefing at the end of the day or beginning of the next day (2 Hours).  This briefing will provide the results of the analysis and a implementation plan to ensure success for the organization.  Two options are available after this plan briefing:

a.  We Implement:  All-N-One consultants and Medical Billing, Coding and Collection staff implement, provide training and servicing as recommended and agreed by the practice.  This service is billed hourly and invoiced daily for our clients, if necessary.

b.  You Implement:  Our client decide that they have the staff and time to implement the plan with All-N-One consultants and A-1 Billing and Coding  providing oversight and follow-up at the agreed upon hourly rate.   This services is billed hourly and invoiced monthly.